Friday, February 9, 2007

Myspace blog #1- Iced tea and coffee...

*The following is the first blog i'm porting over to blogspot from my myspace blog. In the coming days and weeks(probably every friday) I will be porting, little by little, every single one of my old myspace blogs(mostly because i'm a pompous ass who needs to preserve these types of things for posterity). Each of these ported blogs will have an introduction much like the one you are reading now. This is mainly because alot of these blogs were time sensitive and might need a little backround information in order for you to fully understand them. The following blog was the first blog I ever wrote on myspace and fortunately needs very little introduction(It's pretty self-explanitory). Now without further ado, I give you "Iced tea and coffee..." written March 16, 2006.

It used to be that iced tea was just that. Iced tea. But now people are trying to enfuse whatever into it. "Oh, well this is hunnysuckle hibiscus passionfruit tea, and watercranpeach berry tea, and..ect" ENOUGH!!! To me iced tea is a flavor. It's the flavor of iced tea. Is it just me, or are we just so danm fruity in this country that it's spilled into our teas and coffees, which is another thing. Coffee. Stop it with the flavored coffees. They smell nice, but they always taste like watered down versions of whatever they are suppossed to taste like. Coffee(like iced tea) is a flavor. It's like saying "We have these porkchops, they taste like meatloaf". It just does not work that way. They have coffee flavored ice cream, coffee flavored hard candy,,,ect. Coffee is a flavor. When I want coffee, do I ask for maple blueberry or do I ask for goddanm coffee?!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

People, coffee and iced tea are flavors. Wake up and smell them.