Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/10/07- What do you get when you cross $1,000,000,000, a flat chest, and mouth herpes?...

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Paris Hilton, of course.

This week America rejoiced as the world's worst role model was sentenced to 45 days in jail for drunk driving and having a suspended license. I for one would like to give the judge who sentenced that whore to her jail time the fucking Nobel Peace Prize for finally being the one guy to take a fucking stand and make an example out of her that just because you have billions of dollars and an ass load of notoriety, that doesn't mean that you are above the law.

Now, usually I would frown upon the media covering a story like this simply based on the fact that if this was you or I who were caught with a suspended license, no one would give a shit. But I think that this time I'll make an exception. If only just to see the joy that this is bringing to millions of parents around this country that despise the example that Paris has been setting for their children.

The best part, to me at least, was that she broke down and cried in the courtroom, while at the same time, the judge was receiving a standing ovation from the crowd while onlookers outside cheered after hearing the guilty verdict.

Her defense(if you can call it that) was that her "people" forgot to mention to her that you cannot drive with a suspended license. Not only that, but she claims that she never even knew her license was suspended. Are you fucking kidding me!? She should get the death sentence just for being so stupid. How do you not know that you have a suspended license? Aren't you right fucking there when the cop gives you the court summons? Better yet, aren't you in court when they tell you that it's fucking suspended?

I could rant on and rejoice about this all day. But the bottom line is: Chalk up a victory for humanity, and send that dumb bitch to jail. Nanana na, nanana na, FUCK YOU!, goodbye!