Wednesday, May 9, 2007

5/9/07- Berries and Cream...

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No doubt you have all seen these stupid commercials for Starburst lately that have some little elf creature with a prince valiant haircut going crazy and dancing around like a faggot over these new berries and cream flavored Starburst.

If I have to hear one more person in my school sing the berries and cream song from that commercial I think I might just have to turn around and kick them in the fucking berries and cream for annoying me with this stupid song.

How did this come about? What happened at this board meeting within the confines of the Starburst headquarters that led to some guy standing up and saying: Hey guys, I have an idea, how about we dress some douchebag up like he just sashayed out of a keebler elf orgy, give him a Pete Rose style bowl cut, and lets have him just dance back and forth while singing the product name? BRILLIANT!

Are there no actual GOOD ideas these days for pitching a product that don't end with millions of kids screaming "BERRIES AND CREAM" at the top of their lungs?

In case you haven't seen the video, here it is: