Thursday, May 24, 2007

5/24/07- Dick in a box...

This past month, 39 year old Dick Hendricks flew himself from Billerica, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, a box.

The story behind all of this is actually just as interesting as the event itself. Mr. Hendricks had very little money and needed a quick and easy way to get to L.A. in order to tell his best friend(who had moved to California 2 months prior and was engaged to be married to a woman) that he was in love with him.

You see, Mr. Hendricks and his "friend" used to date each other, but when this "friend" decided one day that he was straight and fell in love with a woman, Dick got upset. So he did what most people do when they get upset: stuff themselves into a box and priority mail themselves to Los Angeles.

I'll be the first to admit that this is a nice, refreshing twist on the whole "mail yourself cross-country in a box" routine. Usually it's just some dumb college frat dude who mails himself across America on a drunken bet. But this guy actually had a legit agenda on his "to do" list.

So kudos to you Mr. Hendrickson. One kudos for having an actual reason other then being drunk to mail yourself to L.A., and another kudos for giving me a good excuse to so perfectly and aptly title this blog: "Dick in a box".

*Special note: Tomorrow, there will be a celebrity interview.