Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5/22/07- Subliminal Mind Fuck America...

With the 2008 presidential race in full swing, I felt it to be my duty as a big, under informed cynic to weigh in with my early predictions.

First of all, let it be known that I think that we're all still fucked no matter who we elect as out "leader". Why? Because nobody has the sack to just come out and say what we should REALLY do in Iraq. We should get these Iraqi fucks in a room, sit them down, and explain to them that if they don't start protecting their people themselves, then we're just going to have to slowly, and randomly pull out troops. No bullshit time lines, no cut and run, just good, old fashioned, threat tactics. And if they start learning to get their act together and fend for themselves, then we might just stick around and help them out a little bit longer. But the big key here is that we(america) have to know that they want to be a free nation. And this is the only way to find out for sure.

As for the candidates who either want to cut and run or stay there another 20 years, FUCK THEM! They all talk a big game, but in the end they all have no intent to compromise with the other party, be it Democrat or Republican. All they want to do is get you thinking that THEIR way is better without being the least bit concerned about what Americans think.

It's all a bunch of mind games designed to mentally fuck you into wanting a president who just looks the part instead of a guy who actually acts the fucking part.

Bottom line: The Democrats keep shooting themselves in the foot, the Republicans have too many personal problems and are running in the shadow of a Bush regime, and nobody, I mean nobody, is going to vote for a guy named Obama(sounds just a tad too close to Osama if you ask me).