Sunday, May 13, 2007

5/13/07- State of the Blog...

State of the Blog for the week ending May 13, 2007:

Hey gang. I have quite a few topics to get through this week, so let's just get started, shall we.

* First off, and most importantly, this Thursday will mark my 100th post on! So, this Thursday, instead of writing a regular topical/pop culture/humor blog, I will be doing a retrospective of the past 100 posts and the overall evolution of this site as a whole. As well as some other surprises.

* Next, I have narrowed the choices for the next "Theme Week" down to four, and would like you all to comment, e-mail, or myspace message me which one you(the loyal readers) want as your next big "Theme Week". Your choices are: A) T.V. Week B) Indie Music Week C) 90's Week D) Shark Week. Choose wisely!

* And lastly, I am now in the process of acquiring more guest interviews for Fridays. So there. Happy now?

See you all manana!