Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5/30/07- Asshole Hall of Fame...

Every now and again, there are certain people who just follow their own rules and anger those around them without caring for anyone else other then numero uno. These people are known as assholes.

Our first ever inductee into the VAF89 "Asshole Hall of Fame" is Mr. Douchebag Tuberculosis Guy.

A man who may have exposed passengers and crew members on two trans-Atlantic flights earlier this month to a highly drug-resistant form of tuberculosis knew he was infected, and had been advised by health officials not to travel overseas.

The man flew to Paris from his home in Atlanta on May 12 for his wedding and honeymoon, even though health officials told him they “preferred” that he not get on the flight, he said in an interview published today in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Days later, while he was in Italy, he was contacted by officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and was told that he had a rare and potentially virulent form of the disease and should turn himself over to Italian health authorities immediately.

Officials of the centers said at a news conference today that they had begun to make arrangements with the Italian authorities to isolate and treat the man in Rome. But instead of cooperating with the plans, the man traveled to the Czech Republic and took a flight from Prague to Montreal.

He said in the published interview that he did that in the belief that he had been put on a no-fly list and would not be allowed to board a flight bound for the United States.

From Canada, he drove to the United States, and then turned himself in at a tuberculosis isolation hospital in New York City.

What a fucking asshole! This dipshit knew that he had a potentially deadly and contagious form of TB, yet took multiple flights around Europe, while endangering a few dozen people, who might have gone on to infect a few hundred people, and so on and so on, until we might have had a fucking pandemic on our hands.

So for ignoring the governments plea to not use public transportation and potentially bringing about a global pandemic of an untreatable, drug-resistant virus, I induct you, Mr. Douchebag Tuberculosis Guy, into the Asshole Hall of Fame!

Now go drink a bullet and kill yourself, you fucking asshole.