Sunday, May 27, 2007

5/27/07- *Special* The return of K-Rock...

Well, after 17 months of having no rock station in New York and having to put up with a #21 ranked shitty talk station in it's place, WXRK 92.3 K-Rock has finally returned(call letters and all) to it's rightful place on the New York airwaves.

Granted, the house that Stern built is now fronted by Opie and Anthony. But what are you gonna do? Stern can't be there forever.

Some of you may be a little curious about whether or not they will hire back any of the old jocks. Well, for the answer to that question, as well as what one former jock in particular think about the new(old) format, I asked a former K-Rock jock what they think of the new(old) format:

" Obviously a good move, new management is slowly dismantling Free-FM nationwide. The greatest radio disaster of all time is coming to an end.

It would be nice if they thought the way you're thinking...but I doubt they will be trying to put together any version of the old airstaff. They will have every rock jock in the country trying to work there---they will pick who they want, and pay what they want.

Of course nobody know who the PD will be....could be someone who wants some of us....or someone who wants nothing to do with the "old" K-Rock.

Not like I have been monitoring the situation closely and sending out email to key people or anything...

The new imaging sounds fantastic, much better than the last couple of years at the old K-Rock. Smart to use "The Rock of New York" as a positioner, people still remember that from WNEW. Also very smart to not call it "The New" K-Rock....much better to say "it's back".

I think the processing even sounds better than before---listen to how fucking loud the station is. The bass THUMPS. I can't wait to interrogate the chief engineer next time I see him.

The music is better than "great rock period" but needs more currents. I flinch when I hear RUSH....the old sounding classic rock can be left out, nothing wrong with Zep, Pink Floyd, etc. I think it will evolve like the old K-Rock did....but will always be relatively safe, cause they have to be mass appeal to make the big bucks--which they will. I bet it goes from a 1.3 to a 2.5 quick. "

Now go enjoy your Memorial day weekend, and be sure to tune into 92.3 K-Rock all this weekend! And if you are reading this and you don't live in New York, then go to to stream it live.