Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13/07- 1010 Steaks: all steak, all the time...

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This might be the stupidest post I've ever written, but here goes nothing(literally).

Today in class me and my friends were trying to come up with as many bands as we could that we could superimpose the word steak into(it's an inside joke). Ex: Bruce Springsteen becomes Bruce Steaksteen. Stupid? Yes. But funny? Well I guess you'll be the judge of that. Here is a list of every name I could come up with:

The Steakles- The Beatles
WhiteSteak- WhiteSnake
Red Hot Steak and Peppers- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Green Steak- Green Day
Steak Buffet- Jimmy Buffet
Steak in Sauce- Alice in Chains
Michael Jacksteak- Michael Jackson
Steak- Prince
Cheap Steak- Cheap Trick
Three Steaks Down- Three Doors Down
Aerosteak- Aerosmith
All American Steakhouse- All American Rejects
Baresteaked Ladies- Barenaked Ladies
Audiosteak- Audioslave
Steaktallica- Metallica
Steak Sabbeth- Black Sabbeth
Dire Steaks- Dire Straits
Grand Steak Railroad- Grand Funk Railroad
Hoobasteak- Hoobastank
Jimmy Eat Steak- Jimmy Eat World
Nine Inch Steak- Nine Inch Nails
Panic at the Steak- Panic at the Disco
Steak Against the Machine- Rage Against the Machine
Three Days Steak- Three Days Grace
Steak Steak Steaks- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Blink 180 Steak- Blink 182
Steakmother- Wolfmother

Thank you for putting up with my idiocy. I promise you all a brand new, true to form, full length blog post tomorrow.