Friday, March 23, 2007

Myspace Blog #7: The guido culture and how I deal with it...

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*I hate Guidos. They are the most obnoxious stereotype know to man and it's high time I ripped them a new one. This post was written on September 28, 2006.

If there is one thing I hate in life more then people who can't be themselves it's got to be Guidos. You think that blacks and Asians get stereotyped badly? You should just look at one of these Guido mother fuckers. What's your stereotype? Being good at sports and liking chicken? I'll gladly take that. What's yours? Being good at math and knowing kung-fu? I'd gladly take that too. But if there is one stereotype that I hate is has to be the Guido Italian stereotype.

Guido- a person of Italian decent that enjoys acting like he is black, wearing Ginni tees, talking black, listening to dance music, spiking their hair with way too much gel, refers to peers as "my bois, dogs, or (most embarrassing) niggas", and last, but definitely not least, feeling the need to let everyone they ever cross paths with in life know that they like the Godfather and Scarface.

Look, I like the godfather and Scarface just as much as the next guy, but I don't go around posting Scarface backgrounds and godfather quotes on my myspace. Now some Guidos I don't mind, just so long as they don't want to annoy the shit out of me by singing rap songs in the seat behind me in 6th period. If you are an obnoxious and annoying Guido and you're reading this, then do us all a favor and kill yourself because then you'll at least be one less person that I have to deal with in life, you annoying ghetto wanna-be never-was Guido pricks. You serve no purpose but to aid in the cultural decay of our society. If you are offended by this and you were born before 1989, then I semi-apologize because ,for the most part, the Guidos of yesterday are'nt nearly as bothersome as the new class of Guidos that I grew up with.

Personally, I feel sorry for black people who live in the ghetto because they must be the most confused about all of this. They have to put up with the fact that they would kill to have the kind of lives that some of these rich, spoiled, Guido ball-busters have, while at the same time these Guidos are all trying to act like the ghetto black kids that can't get into a good school and have next to nothing to live on.

But god forbid any one of these Guidos actually found themselves in a ghetto. I bet they wouldn't be going "yo yo yo my niggas" then.(you spoiled obnoxious cheap stereotypes)