Sunday, March 4, 2007

3/4/07- State of the Blog...

State of the Blog for the week ending March 4, 2007:

I've found out over the past few weeks that sundays are pretty fucking boring. There's really not much to blog about. So insted of blogging about the usual hilarious outlooks and anicdotes on different aspects of my life, I have decided to designate sunday "state of the blog" day. Where i'll recap the past week and let you all in on some suedo-interesting stuff that is going on in my life right now. The "state of the blog" pretty much ties in with and completes the theme of "specialty blogs" on the weekends. This also allows me to harness and save all of the great original material for the weekdays and then present you all with interesting recurring posts on the weekends. These would include:

A new "revamped" myspace blog on fridays.

A new Fitzy webcast on saturday mornings.

And now a new "State of the Blog" address on sundays.

Also, I know that some of you have been wondering what i'm going to do for fridays once the myspace blogs run out in mid-april. Well, while I can't give anything away just yet. I can tell you that it will involve special guest bloggers. More info to come regarding THAT later this month.