Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3/21/07- White Lines...

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I like how when a teenager dies in like a car accident or something from drunk driving, you still have to act as if that kid was such a good son or a hard worker who just longed to hang out with his friends.......while snorting cocaine and drinking jack and jager.

I knew a kid growing up that was one of the baddest motherfuckers around. He did it all. He drank, smoked, and stole from just about anyone he wanted too. He had one specific trademark, he enjoyed snorting cocaine, alot! I remember back in seventh grade he wanted to box this kid Joe. Not even in a ring or anything, on the kids balcony on the side of his house! He was so high at the time, he got the shit beat out of him. His coordination was off by just a little bit(because of you know what). And this trend continued into high school. His first year he went to a public school but got kicked out when his grades started to suffer due to some illegal after school activities....and boxing. He then landed his ass into a life of crime and misdomenors, and pretty much just became a junkie.

Then, two summers ago he got drunk and was in a car accident in New Jersey that killed him. But for some reason people refuse to accept that he had a problem with drugs and alcohol. Hell, I don't even think his parents knew about it. All of my friends that knew him were bitching to me that "I don't know what I'm talking about" and that "The drugs had nothing to do with it because he hadn't taken any that night." Right, THAT night. What about all the years of abuse he was doing to his body? That must have accounted for some loss of brain cells?

Now look, I'm not saying that I wanted to see him die, but it wasn't hard to see it coming. When I heard that he had died it was one of those things where you just think about it for five seconds and go "Well, I told you so". And for people to not take his drug and alcohol abuse into question and do something to prevent this from happening to more people is insane. And what did his "friends" do? They just kept doing drugs of course. Why shouldn't they? after all, it WAS just one little incident(that caused someone to fucking die!), "Can't happen to me". BULLSHIT!