Saturday, March 17, 2007

3/17/07- *Special* St. Patrick's Day Post...

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Well, truth be told, the only reason I'm doing this is because Fitzy got too drunk this morning at the parade and passed out before he could get to his computer to upload the new webcast. So he'll be back with an all new edition of the "Wicked Pissah Webcast" next week. But for now you'll just have to put up with my bullshit rants about my St. Patrick's Day adventures and whatnot.

I started today waking up(no shit) and then getting into the spirit of the Holiday by enjoying a nice bowl of delicious, non-stereotypical Lucky Charms. Then I went over to the Staten Island Mall to pick up a copy of "Borat" on DVD. Because what says "I'm celebrating the Irish liberation of religious freedom" better then a British comedian impersonating a Kazakstani journalist who oppresses women and hates the Jews?

But my fun didn't stop there. On my way out of the mall a drunk man(surprisingly enough, not Irish) asked me for a cigar and $2.50. I don't know why? I honestly wish I did though. It seems very interesting to me. Like, what was he going to do with a cigar and $2.50? The cigar I kind-of understand, but $2.50?(or should it be the other way around?) I don't know. What was this weirdo going to do with those two things, and why did he think a seventeen year old kid with no ID had a cigar on hand in a public place where there were police officers right out there in plain sight? But whatever, I'm thinking too far into this. I do that sometimes....more times then not.......OK, all the time.

Well that's about it. I wish it was more exciting then that, but really all my day consisted of was going to purchase and subsequently watch a movie. That's it. I don't have some sort of snappy ending for this with a satirical pun or anything. Just THE END.