Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3/27/07- King of all -pedia...

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Wikipedia is quite possibly the greatest invention ever created. You can get anything on there. Go there right now and type in anything and there will be at least a paragraph on it. I typed in "asdf" and a few lines came up.(try it) Wikipedia is just one of the many reasons that I'm glad I wasn't born 20 years ago or I would have completely missed the boat on this whole Internet thing.

Could you imagine actually having to go to the fucking library to do work? Let alone the fact that you would actually have to do work in the first place. Now you just type in what you need, whether it be the Louisiana purchase, the origin of the word "honky", or just the name of anyone you want to write shit about yourself, and all the info you could ever need on that topic just pops up like that.

But the best part about wikipedia is that anyone can write or edit the articles that are posted on there. I could go to wikipedia right now and type in that Abraham Lincoln shit himself during the Gettysburg address. I could type in that Derek Jeter likes to have young Vietnamese boys rub him down in Crisco and shock his nipples with electrical clamps. I could even type in(and I have in the past) that I have a twelve inch penis that cures cancer and grants wishes.

The only bad thing is that the thousands of people monitoring wikipedia usually delete these kinds of false statements within minutes. (And by false statements I'm referring to everything except the last sentence of the last paragraph)