Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3/20/07- Chinese Democracy...

Will it be good? Will it suck major balls? What am I even talking about? Let me explain.

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Back in 1994 when the band Guns and Roses split up, front man Axl Rose decided to carry on the band with new members and had announced immediate plans for a brand new album called "Chinese Democracy". Well, it has been over 13 years and what seems like thousands of changes to the band's roster and still no "Chinese Democracy". Actual Chinese democracy will occur before this fucking record comes out. Not that it would even matter. Most people who were Guns and Roses fans have moved on to the band Velvet Revolver, which is made up of 3 of the 5 original members of G&R. So even if the album is released, it wouldn't even be the same band you'd be hearing on the CD. It's just that at this point, people are very curious to hear what this *new* incarnation of Guns and Roses sounds like. The people simply just want questions answered. Questions like: What do they sound like? Are they actually any good? and perhaps the biggest question: If this *new* Guns and Roses ARE any good, could they perhaps end up achieving greater success then Velvet Revolver?

Well, after years of waiting and speculation, the most controversial, over-produced, over-budgeted album(at $13 million) to never be released, finally has a tentative release date of sometime in June(hopefully). Don't get too hopeful though. Remember, after all, we're talking about an album that has been delayed more times then the start of the 2004 hockey season. Hopefully the outcome this time won't be the same as that of the hockey season.