Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3/14/07- If we had a black president...

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With the 2008 presidential campaign in full swing, a lot of focus is being applied to senator Barack Obama. Who, if elected, would become the first African American president....sort of.

You see, Mr. Obama is only half black. A Halfrican American, if you will. He's no Wesley Snipes if you catch my drift. This means that he'll pretty much be not that much different than a regular old white president. I would love to see a highly stereotypical black president. Not because i'm a racist, but because I think it would really put America in perspective for a lot of people and make them look at their lives, and country, just a little bit more closly. Something like president Snoop, or even better, president Fitty (cent).

Could you imagine the first black president rolling up Pennsylvania avenue on his inauguration day in a pimped out Cadillac with spinning chrome rims and an all alligator skin leather interior? I could. There will be no greater day in our nation's history then when president Diddy is sworn in on a stack of Biggie albums while Grandmaster Flash works the DJ booth doing a remix of hail to the chief on the turntables. When we finally swear in a black president there will be no more democrats or republicans. Instead there will be the Biggie party, the Tupac party, and the Kanye West party(independents).

The only downside is that there would probably be some radical racist Klansman out there that would eventually assassinate the new black president. Which is why he must run his campaign with the promise of a Mexican vice president. Then I will guarantee that the Klansman won't try to pull any shit on the black president, unless they want to be stuck with open Mexican borders under the leadership of president Guillermo.