Thursday, March 22, 2007

3/22/07- Sea Wave Part I: Pre-Wave...

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Well, as the end of the week approaches it brings with it the annual "Sea Wave" this Saturday night. The Sea Wave is the name of my school's yearly dance. It's a pretty big event here on the island, that's why I'm splitting this post into two parts: Pre-Wave and Post-Wave(to be written on Monday).

Mostly, people just go to the Sea Wave for an hour, maybe two hours, and then figure out whose house to go have the after party at. But some interesting shit does happen during the actual dance, and that's what I'll be reporting on come Monday. Every year they get some band or artist to come play at our school. Last year it was some stupid techno singer named "Cascada". This year they got some faggy "Panic at the disco", fake, emo, rip-off band called: "Self Against City". How gay are they? Why don't you just click on their myspace link below and find out for yourself. But be warned, exposure to their music and gay pictures might cause you to feel a need to wear eyeliner and kiss boys.

As if the band wasn't bad enough, we paid almost $50 for tickets to this thing and we still have to bring money for drinks and food. But there is one redeeming factor about the Sea Wave: Sea Idol. Yup, it's just what you think it is, an American idol style singing contest between five different students. The judges are going to be three DJs from Z100(a top 40 radio station here in New York). [insert gay American Idol joke here] I'd insert one myself, but in order to make a humorous observation about American Idol, I'd have to watch it, which I don't.

Well, that's it for now. I've just given you all the setup and come Monday you'll get the punchline.

See you next week and be sure to pray that my ears don't get raped by the emo sounds of "Self Against City" this weekend.